.Net datetime with milliseconds sql server using bulkcopy thows exception

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I have this code, which throws exception.

SqlConnection con;
con = new SqlConnection(connectionStr);
SqlCommand cmd = con.CreateCommand();
cmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text;     
cmd.CommandText = @"select [ID], [VERSION_ID], '08/26/2015 09:33:24:717 AM' as [Added_Dt],     [Loc_ID] as Column1
from dbo.Source where Added_Dt between CONVERT(DATETIME,'08/24/2015 09:25:43:283 AM') and CONVERT(DATETIME,'08/24/2015 09:25:43:283 AM')";

    cmd.CommandTimeout = con.ConnectionTimeout;
    SqlDataReader rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader();
    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlBulkCopy bcp = new SqlBulkCopy(destconnectionStr, SqlBulkCopyOptions.UseInternalTransaction);
    bcp.BatchSize = (int)Global.BatchWriteThreshold;
    bcp.DestinationTableName = destinationTableName;
    bcp.NotifyAfter = (int)Global.BatchWriteThreshold;
    bcp.SqlRowsCopied += new SqlRowsCopiedEventHandler(bcp_SqlRowsCopied);

destination table(SQL Server 2005): ID (int, not null), VERSION_ID (int, not null),Added_Dt(DATETIME,not null),Column1(varchar2(50) ,not null)

This throws exception if used with SqlBulkCopy but runs without any issues when using ado.net in single updates or directly from SQL Management Studio. I found that the removal of milliseconds part makes the bulkcopy run without exceptions but then I want the milliseconds to be there. How to resolve the issue?

8/26/2015 3:30:13 PM

Accepted Answer

'08/24/2015 09:25:43:283 AM' is not a valid date string. The final : should be a .. Meaning:

'08/24/2015 09:25:43.283 AM'

Of course, this does convert without error in SSMS:

SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME,'08/24/2015 09:25:43:283 AM');

If fixing that doesn't help, then you need to provide the exact exception message.

8/26/2015 3:32:32 PM

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